Comparison between Classification of Whiplash Associated Disorder by the Quebec Classification and the Gargan and Bannister Grading System [51,52]

Grade Quebec Classification Grade Gargan and Bannister Grading System
0 No symptom A No symptom
1 Complaint of neck pain, stiffness, or tenderness only without physical signs B Nuisance symptoms with no interference with leisure or activity
2 Neck complaint and musculoskeletal signs, including decreased range of motion and point tenderness C Intrusive symptoms requiring analgesics, orthotics, and physical therapy
3 Neck complaint and neurological signs, including decreased or absence of tendon reflex, weakness, and sensory deficits D Disabling symptoms requiring time off work, regular analgesia, orthotics, and repeated medical consultation
4 Neck complaint and fracture or dislocation
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