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Fig. 4. Effect of 5% hypertonic saline on SNL-induced mechanical allodynia and thermal and cold hyperalgesia in rats pretreated with a GABAA or GABAB antagonist. (A) Effect of the GABA antagonists on mechanical allodynia. (B) Effect of the GABA antagonists on thermal hyperalgesia. (C) Effect of the GABA antagonists on cold hyperalgesia. The rats in the bicuculline and phaclofen groups were pretreated intrathecally with bicuculline or phaclofen. All the behavioral tests were performed at weeks 1 and 3 following the intrathecal administration of 5% NaCl. Each box represents the following: white (first box) = sham group; blue (second box) = hypertonic group; purple (third box) = bicuculline group; green (fourth box) = phaclofen group. Vertical bars indicate the standard deviation of the mean. Fifteen animals were used in each group. Data represent the mean ± standard deviation. SNL: spinal nerve ligation, GABA: γ-aminobutyric acid receptor. aP < 0.05 compared to the sham group. bP < 0.05 compared to the hypertonic group.
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