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Fig. 2. Visual representation of rs-FC ROI-to-ROI analysis according to connectome ring view: (A) p-uncorrected, (B) after p-FDR (analysis-level correction), and (C) along with the 3D map. The blue line indicates lower rs-FC between left S1 and PAG in non-responders than in responders. Maps were made using the CONN-fMRI Functional Connectivity toolbox [51]. P ≤ 0.001, FDR ≤ 0.05. rs-FC: resting-state functional connectivity, ROI: region of interest, FDR: false discovery rate, PAG: periaqueductal gray, fMRI: functional magnetic resonance imaging, L_: left, R_: right, S1: primary somatosensory cortex, S2: secondary somatosensory cortex, M1: primary motor cortex, DLPFC: dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, MPFC: ventromedial prefrontal cortex, aIC: anterior insular cortex, pIC: posterior insular cortex, ACC: anterior cingulate cortex, VLTh: ventrolateral thalamus, MDTh: mediodorsal thalamus, Hippo: hippocampus, Amyg: amygdalae, NA: nucleus accumbens, 3D: three dimensional.
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