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Fig. 5. Reduce radiation exposure by changing the C-arm fluoroscopy mode. (A) Comparison of the radiation absorbed dose (RAD) in the C-arm fluoroscopic mode [54]. The graph shows the time, RADs, mean RADs/mean time, and current (mA) according to the C-arm modes. The pulsed fluoroscopic mode of 15 frames per second is used. *P < 0.050. aUnit is expressed as second for time, mRADs/cm2 for RADs, mRADs/cm2 • second for RADs/Time, and mA for current. (B) The differences in radiation exposure in relation to collimation in the medial branch block [56]. Comparison between the effective dose on left chest of the operator and the side of the table among groups. Chest, *P = 0.042; table, *P = 0.025. (C) Comparison of RAD between the control and collimation groups, *P = 0.001. Adapted from the article of Cho et al. (Korean J Pain 2011; 24: 199-204) [54]; Baek et al. (Korean J Pain 2013; 26: 148-53) [56].
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