Key points for radiation safety

Minimize the fluoroscopy time.
Minimize the number of images taken.
Use a C-arm fluoroscopic machine with a laser aiming line.
Do not take images with an image intensifier (or flat panel detector) underneath.
Use available patient dose reduction technologies (e.g., pulsed mode or low-dose mode).
Use collimation.
Use all available information (e.g., MRI, CT) to plan the interventional procedure.
Position yourself in a low-scatter area.
Use shielding devices.
For a lead apron, wear a wraparound type rather than a front type.
Once a year, lead aprons and thyroid protectors should be checked for damage.
Keep the lead apron and thyroid protector on a hanger, ensuring they do not get wrinkled.
Wear your dosimeter and know your own dose.
Use eye shields to protect the lens.
Obtain appropriate training.

MRI: magnetic resonance imaging, CT: computed tomography.

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