General guidelines for the management of patients with pain during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic [36]

Urgency Examples Intervention examples
Emergency Removal of implanted devices due to complication Removal of devices
SCS implantation or removal after SCS trial Implantation or removal of SCS
SCS electrodes migration with neurological deficit Repositioning of SCS leads
ITDDS drug stock finished Pump refill
Persistent and severe PDPH Epidural blood patch
Urgent Neurolysis for severe cancer pain Neurolysis
HIVD with acute neurologic deficit Epidural steroids injection
Compression fracture of spine with severe pain Vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty
SCS battery dysfunction Battery change
Sympathetic nerve block in early stage of CRPS Sympathetic nerve block
Recurred pain after previous radiofrequency ablation Radiofrequency ablation
Acute SI joint pain SI joint block
Peripheral nerve entrapment with neurologic deficit Peripheral nerve block
Elective Diagnostic intervention MBB, discography, etc.
Epidural steroid injection for chronic pain control Epidural steroid injection
Any pain condition that can be managed with alternatives TPI, intra-articular injection, etc.

SCS: spinal cord stimulator, ITDDS: intrathecal drug delivery system, PDPH: post-dural puncture headache, HIVD: herniated intervertebral disc, CRPS: complex regional pain syndrome, SI: sacroiliac, MBB: medial branch block, TPI: trigger point injection.

Adapted from the article of Gharibo et al. (Pain Physician 2020; 23(4S): S183-204) [36].

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