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Fig. 3. Levels of cytokines and expression patterns of the corresponding receptors in the periaqueductal gray (PAG), and pain responses after receptor blocking. (A-C) Classical proinflammatory cytokines levels, the expression patterns of their receptors, and typical bands. There were increased levels of inflammatory cytokines and their receptors (interleukin [IL]-1R, IL-6R, and tumor necrosis factor receptor 1 [TNFR1]) in streptozotocin (STZ) rats (n = 12). (D-F) After blocking their receptors, paw withdrawal threshold (PWT) and paw withdrawal latency (PWL) appeared to be reduced in STZ rats (n = 10) compared with control animals (n = 12). The error bars indicate standard deviation. aP < 0.01 vs. control rats. bP < 0.05 and cP < 0.01 vs. STZ rats.
Korean J Pain 2021;34:176~184
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