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Fig. 3. (A, B) Nucleus pulposus (NP) implantation decreased mechanical and thermal thresholds in ipsilateral but not contralateral hindpaws. Toll-like receptor 4 antagonist TAK242 (TAK) (C, D) and nuclear factor-kappa B inhibitor pyrrolidinedithiocarbamic acid (PDTC) (E, F) alleviate mechanical and thermal pain behaviors of rats with NP (vs. sham, *P = 0.001, **P < 0.001; vs. NP + vehicle [Veh], #P = 0.002; n = 10/group). Error bars indicate standard error of means. PWT: paw withdrawal threshold, PWL: paw withdrawal latency, ipsi: ipsilateral hindpaws, contra: contralateral hindpaws.
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