Review Article
01 July 2019

Lumbar foraminal neuropathy: an update on non-surgical management

Young Kook Choi

The Korean Journal of Pain 2019; 32: 147-159

Lumbar foraminal pathology causing entrapment of neurovascular contents and radicular symptoms are commonly associated with foraminal stenosis. Foraminal neuropathy can also be derived from inflammation of the neighboring lateral recess or extraforam...
Key Words: Constriction, Pathologic, Decompression, Electric Stimulation, Fibrosis, Foraminotomy, Ganglia, Spinal, Inflammation, Lumbosacral Region, Pain Management, Radiculopathy, Spinal Nerve Roots
Original Article
01 July 2019

The antinociceptive effect of artemisinin on the inflammatory pain and role of GABAergic and opioidergic systems

Faraz Mahdian Dehkordi, Jahangir Kaboutari, Morteza Zendehdel et al.

The Korean Journal of Pain 2019; 32: 160-167

BackgroundPain is a complex mechanism which involves different systems, including the opioidergic and GABAergic systems. Due to the side effects of chemical analgesic agents, attention toward natural agents have been increased. Artemisinin is an herb...
Key Words: Analgesics, Opioid, Animals, Artemisinin, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, Inflammation, Mice, Pain, Receptors, GABA, Writhing Test
Original Article
01 July 2019

Diverse characters of Brennan’s paw incision model regarding certain parameters in the rat

Rahul Kumar, Shivani Gupta, Mayank Gautam et al.

The Korean Journal of Pain 2019; 32: 168-177

BackgroundBrennan’s rodent paw incision model has been extensively used for understanding mechanisms underlying postoperative pain in humans. However, alterations of physiological parameters like blood pressure and heart rate, or even feeding and d...
Key Words: Blood Pressure, Eicosanoids, Heart Rate, Inflammation, Nociception, Pain, Postoperative, Protein C, Rats, Wounds and Injuries
Original Article
01 July 2019

Systemic effects of fluoroscopically guided epidural steroid injection with dexamethasone

Woo Young Kang, Joon Woo Lee, Eugene Lee et al.

The Korean Journal of Pain 2019; 32: 178-186

BackgroundEpidural steroid injections (ESIs) have been widely used in managing spinal pain. Dexamethasone has recently emerged as a useful drug in this setting, relative to particulate steroids, although the associated systemic effects have not been ...
Key Words: Complications, Dexamethasone, Drug-Related Side Effects and Adverse Reactions, Epidural Space, Fluoroscopy, Incidence, Low Back Pain, Steroids
Original Article
01 July 2019

A survey of patients’ perspectives of steroid injection (ppyeojusa) in Korea

Bo-Mi Shin, Sung Jun Hong, Yun Hee Lim et al.

The Korean Journal of Pain 2019; 32: 187-195

BackgroundSteroid injections are commonly used in pain clinics to relieve pain and treat inflammation. In Korea, these steroid injections are well known as ‘ppyeojusa’, which means to inject into the bone in Korean. Some patients often have a neg...
Key Words: Complication, Injections, Pain, Pain Clinics, Patients, Steroids, Surveys and Questionnaires, Therapeutics
Original Article
01 July 2019

Effectiveness of continuous hypertonic saline infusion with an automated infusion pump for decompressive neuroplasty: a randomized clinical trial

Ho-Jin Lee, Jaewoo Lee, Yeon wook Park et al.

The Korean Journal of Pain 2019; 32: 196-205

BackgroundHypertonic saline (HS) injections for decompressive neuroplasty (DN) can cause pain. We assessed whether a continuous infusion of HS through an infusion pump would reduce injection-related pain compared with repeated bolus administrations.M...
Key Words: Chronic Pain, Infusion Pumps, Injections, Epidural, Low Back Pain, Pain, Procedural, Radiculopathy, Saline Solutions, Hypertonic, Spinal Stenosis
Original Article
01 July 2019

Multimodal analgesia with multiple intermittent doses of erector spinae plane block through a catheter after total mastectomy: a retrospective observational study

Boohwi Hong, Seunguk Bang, Woosuk Chung et al.

The Korean Journal of Pain 2019; 32: 206-214

BackgroundAlthough case reports have suggested that the erector spinae plane block (ESPB) may help analgesia for patients after breast surgery, no study to date has assessed its effectiveness. This retrospective observational study analyzed the analg...
Key Words: Acute Pain, Analgesia, Anesthesia, Conduction, Breast, Mastectomy, Nerve Block, Pain, Postoperative, Ropivacaine, Ultrasonography
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