Review Article
28 January 2019

Antipsychotics for patients with pain

Sang Wook Shin, Jin Seong Lee, Salahadin Abdi et al.

Korean J Pain 2019; 32: 3-11

Going back to basics prior to mentioning the use of antipsychotics in patients with pain, the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) definition of pain can be summarized as an unpleasant experience, composed of sensory experience caus...
Key Words: Antipsychotics, Dopamine, Drug related side effects and adverse reactions, D2 receptor antagonists, Extrapyramidal symptom, Histamine, Pain, Prolactin, Psychosis, Serotonin, Weight gain
Review Article
28 January 2019

Animals models of spinal cord contusion injury

Renuka Verma, Jasleen Kaur Virdi, Nirmal Singh et al.

Korean J Pain 2019; 32: 12-21

Spinal cord contusion injury is one of the most serious nervous system disorders, characterized by high morbidity and disability. To mimic spinal cord contusion in humans, various animal models of spinal contusion injury have been developed. These mo...
Key Words: Animal model, Body weight, Cervical vertebrae, Contusion, Locomotion, Nervous system diseases, Rats, Spinal cord injury
Original Article
28 January 2019

Acceptance versus catastrophizing in predicting qu...

Gracia Mayuni Semeru, and Magdalena S. Halim

Korean J Pain 2019; 32: 22-29

BackgroundThe aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between pain catastrophizing, acceptance, and quality of life in relation to chronic low back pain in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. We also analyze the effect of personalit...
Key Words: Anxiety, Chronic pain, Catastrophization, Low back pain, Personality disorders, Quality of life, Self report, Survey and questionnaires

Original Article
28 January 2019

The analgesic efficacy of the continuous adductor ...

Min Kyoung Kim, Hyoung Yong Moon, Choon Gun Ryu et al.

Korean J Pain 2019; 32: 30-38

BackgroundThe adductor canal block (ACB) is an effective intervention for postoperative analgesia following total knee arthroplasty (TKA). However, the ideal ACB regimen has not yet been established. We compared the analgesic effects between a contin...
Key Words: Analgesia, Fentanyl, Knee replacement arthroplasty, Local anesthetics, Nausea, Opioid, Pain management, Patient controlled analgesia, Postoperative pain, Ropivacaine, Vomiting

Original Article
28 January 2019

Effect of needle type on intravascular injection i...

Jae Yun Kim, Soo Nyoung Kim, Chulmin Park et al.

Korean J Pain 2019; 32: 39-46

BackgroundLumbosacral transforaminal epidural injection (TFEI) is an effective treatment for spinal disease. However, TFEI may have several types of complications, some of which can be attributed to intravascular injection. We reviewed studies to com...
Key Words: Complication, Epidural anesthesia, Epidural injection, Human, Injection, Meta-analysis, Needle, Spinal diseases, Transforaminal injection
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