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Fig. 6. Bromelain improved myelinated (white arrows) and unmyelinated nerve (black arrows) integrity. It attenuated swollen and degeneration of myelinated neurons (white arrows) and increases occurrence of Schwan’s cells. Arrowhead indicates swollen and deranged non-myelinated neurons while dashed arrows indicate reduced and swollen myelinated neurons (hematoxylin and eosin stain, ×400). (A) Normal control, (B) sham control, (C) ligated control, (D) reference control (30 mg/kg gabapentin), (E) low dose bromelain (30 mg/kg), (F) high dose bromelain (50 mg/kg), (G) pre-treated low dose bromelain (30 mg/kg), (H) pre-treated high dose bromelain.
The Korean Journal of Pain 2020;33:13~22
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