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Fig. 1. The erector spinae plane block. (A) The level of the T5 rib and transverse process was located using a counting-down approach from the first rib; this was marked on the skin at the lateral position. (B) After placing a linear probe parallel to the vertebral axis, a needle was inserted toward the transverse process. (C) After confirming proper position of needle tip, we injected the local anesthetic. The catheter was inserted using real-time ultrasound guidance. (D) The catheter was secured by suture to the skin. ESM: erector spinae muscle, RMM: rhomboid major muscle, TM: trapezius muscle, TP: transverse process, SP: spinous process of vertebra. Data from the article of Kwon et al. (J Korean Med Sci. 2018; 33: e291) [32].
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