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Fig. 4. (A) The inhibitory effects of intrathecal naloxone against sec-O-glucosylhamaudol (SOG). Data are presented as withdrawal thresholds (g). Each value represents the mean ± standard error of mean. (B) Maximal possible effects (MPE) of SOG according to the inhibitory effects of intrathecal naloxone. Data are presented as %MPE. Intrathecal administration of naloxone alone showed no antinociceptive effect. Intrathecal administration of naloxone 10 min before the delivery of SOG 300 μg decreased paw withdrawal threshold until 60 min. The %MPE in the administration of naloxone before delivery of SOG 300 μg was decreased until 60 min, which was similar to the %MPE of vehicle or naloxone alone. The inhibitory effect of naloxone against SOG vanished at 120 min. Baseline is the withdrawal threshold measured before paw incision. Control is two hours after paw incision. *P < 0.001 compared to the SOG 300 μg.
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