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Fig. 5. Essential oil of Eucalyptus (EOE) does not have dose-dependent effects against thermal stimuli. To find out whether EOE alters physiological pain associated with thermal stimulus, the thermal plantar test was used. A pretreatment injection of EOE (45, 90, and 180 mg/kg), or a vehicle were administered intraperitoneally. A focused beam of heat was aimed at the plantar surface of the hind paw in mice, 30 min after the pretreatment. Compared to the vehicle group, no remarkable difference in mean withdrawal latencies of the EOE groups (45, 90, and 180 mg/kg) was observed. Each value represents the mean and standard error of mean. One-way analysis of variance was used. There were 9 mice in each group.
Korean J Pain 2019;32:79~86
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